The ideal location for weddings, wedding banquets, special receptions.

An extraordinary day,
combined with romance and enchanted nature.

An intimate and welcoming atmosphere to receive your guests, where the utmost attention to detail and the beautiful landscape will make you experience unforgettable emotions.

You will be enchanted by the medieval charm of the Castle, and in the shade of the battlements of the ancient tower, you will live your own personal fairy tale. Your guests will never forget such a unique location and will be captivated by the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Castle is suitable for 50 to 180 guests. We offer all the necessary services and has six beautiful suites.

A perfect day

The perfect day really exists and in our Castle, you can fully experience it.
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Religious Rituals

The religious ceremony can be celebrated in the church of Mornico, where you can admire the polychrome marble of the altar and flooring which preserve a beautiful wooden choir from the 1700s or in the Sanctuary of the Passion. One of the oldest in the Oltrepò, the sanctuary is built on rock with a breathtaking view of the vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Civil Rituals

You can choose to say “Yes” in the romantic location of the Castle of Mornico Losana with the legal value civil ceremony celebrated by the mayor of Mornico Losana. In a romantic and eclectic place, this is the perfect setting surrounded by nature, to make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable.

The perfect day really exists and it all starts with a call.
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